Inside the Frame: Cliffwalk at Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

The opportunity to take pictures from a higher vantage point is rare–take it.

I took this picture from a platform above the Cliffwalk–suspended walkways off the granite cliff face. I ensured to include a bit of platform on the top left of the frame to act as a foreground.

The main subject–a portion of Cliffwalk–was placed strategically around the rule-of-third guide lines. The left section of the walkway was placed along the upper rule-of-third guide line. The walkway also crossed the intersection of  guide lines on the upper left and bottom right.

I reserved most of the top right section of the frame for negative space. The negative space added a sense of scale–how big/small the main subject was relative to its environment.


Inside the Frame series dissects how a photo incorporates composition patterns. Every photo is annotated to clearly reveal each photo composition technique used when framing the scene. Studying these photos will help you take better pictures yourself.

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