Inside the Frame: Mesa Arch

A highly popular spot–you’d better get here early to claim a few limited spots. I went up to the last spot available and made do (and had to do some cropping to the original composition).

The highlight of this frame is definitely the (glowing) arch, but I had to cut off the top of the arch because the sky above it was more distracting than contributing to the scene. I must say, though, that cutting off the top of the arch made it even a stronger foreground. The details on the surface definitely are interesting and cutting off the arch gave the impression that it was larger than life.

On the bottom portion of the photo, I placed enough but not too much of rock formation to frame the faraway scene. Showing too much of it would have lessened the focus to the scene in the middle of the photo. I can also say that the arch acts as a frame as well to the middle scene.

On the middle of the photo, I placed the sunburst and rock towers on the left third line of rule-of-third grid lines.

Original crop


Inside the Frame series dissects how a photo incorporates composition patterns. Every photo is annotated to clearly reveal each photo composition technique used when framing the scene. Studying these photos will help you take better pictures yourself.

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