Strong Foreground–A Banging Composition Pattern

People don’t squat down and examine a rock–not most people. This is our opportunity as a photographer to present a perspective that most people don’t get to see.

Start with a bang–that expression represents what the photo viewer will get with a close-up, in-your-face, exaggerated-in-size object in the foreground.  You want to get really close to this foreground object–so close you can most likely touch it. Where you want to place foreground within the frame will follow rule-of-third pattern. You want to take the photo a low angle as well for that unique perspective.

This composition pattern–strong foreground–requires a solid focusing technique because taking a sharp image of an object right in front of camera, all the way to some far away scene in the background is some serious photo science. 🙂

Good technique required, yes, and something better than the camera on your phone. No, by better we’re not talking about the quality of pixels that the camera on an iPhone definitely has. We’re talking about being able to easily set the focus point and the aperture of the camera.

Occasionally, though, some scenes don’t require sharp background. In that case, any camera will do: just focus on the foreground object and snap!

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